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Julie Rugg: Defining the place of burial: what makes a cemetery a cemetery?

Пятница, Март 1st, 2013


Выкладываем статью (доступна для скачивания) на английском языке Julie Rugg: Defining the place of burial: what makes a cemetery a cemetery?

ABSTRACT: A great deal of material has been written about cemeteries based on the assumption that they constitute a speci® c type of burial place, but few writers have given close attention to the task of describing the features that may be particular to cemeteries. This paper regards cemeteries as speci® cally demarcated sites of burial, with an ordered internal layout that is conducive both to families claiming control over their grave spaces, and to the conducting of what might be deemed by the community as appropriate funerary ritual. Cemetery space can be regarded as sacred, in that it acts as a focus for the pilgrimage of friends and family and is protected from activities deemed `disrespectful’ . However, cemeteries are principally secular spaces: ownership is almost always by municipal authorities or private sector concerns. The sites are intended to serve the whole community, and in doing so are closely integrated into community history. The sites are able to carry multiple social and political meanings. Using these elements of de® nitionÐ physical characteristics, ownership and purpose, sacredness and the site’s ability to promote or protect the individuality of the deceasedÐ the paper characterizes churchyards, burial grounds, mass graves, war cemeteries and pantheons.


Н. Моргунов: «Мемориальная культура и искусство уральских некрополей».

Среда, Декабрь 12th, 2012

Вопросы православной мемориальной культуры и искусства если и попадали в поле зрения советского искусствознания и культурологи, то это были редчайшие исключения. И это несмотря на то, что мемориальное искусство дореволюционной России – исключительно обширное и ценнейшее художественное и духовное национальное наследие. Множество столичных и провинциальных скульпторов, архитекторов, художников декоративно-прикладного искусства, среди которых такие известнейшие имена, как Мартос, Опекушин, Антокольский, Рерих и ряд других. оставили после себя прекрасные образцы мемориальной пластики и малой архитектуры.